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Height Safety Inspections & Certifications

Safe@Heights offers a full inspection and certification program for all types of height safety systems. Including,

  • Fall Arrest Anchor Points
  • Fall Arrest Static Line and Rail Systems
  • Ladders, Guard Railing and Walkways
  • Height Safety Equipment – Harnesses/Lanyards/Ropelines

As part of our inspection process we will also consider the design of the system and whether it meets current legislation. To find out more about our fall arrest system inspection program read on further or please contact us to speak with one of our helpful team.

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Chris Burrow
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The only heights safety company who’s installers are all trade qualified and highly experienced carpenters
The only heights safety company who’s installers are all trade qualified and highly experienced carpenters
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How often do Height Safety Systems and Equipment need to be Certified?

In general the following is a list of items and when they require certification:

  • PPE and all webbing based systems – Every 6 months
  • Anchor points and rail systems – Every 12 months
  • Static lines – Every 12 months
  • Ladder systems – as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Handrailing systems – as per manufacturer’s recommendations

The above time frames are a guide only as other issues such as frequency of use and environmental conditions must be taken into consideration. We recommend contacting us so we can provide specific advice for your site. 

Anchor Point certification

It is a requirement that all height safety systems and equipment be inspected and certified on a regular basis by a competent height safety specialist. There is nothing more important than a person’s life. Many companies see inspections and certifications as a waste of money. But would you put on a harness, attach a rope to an anchor point which has not been certified and jump off the side of a building? The simple answer is no. So why let your employees or contractors take those kinds of risks? It is vital that safety systems are inspected and certified. In fact under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 it is a Duty which must be complied with. To learn more about your legal duties under the Work Health and Safety Act and the penalties that may apply click on the learn more button below
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Height Safety Systems Design And Installation Safe At Heights Queensland

Height Safety Inspectors

It is vital that all height safety systems and equipment are inspected by qualified and experienced inspectors in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and manufacturers recommendations. One of the disturbing trends in our industry is that of height safety companies subcontracting out their installations and then certifications. They do this to reduce costs and hold the sub contractors to a set price. This encourages the sub contractors to cut corners in an attempt to make more money. Often we see examples of height safety systems that have been certified by an unlicenced and uninsured sub contractor that were installed incorrectly and in the event of a incident may have failed. The consequences of this will often be fatal.

At Safe@Heights all our inspectors are our full time employees who are trade qualified and experienced carpenters who have been highly trained in height safety. To find out more please contact us.

Inspection and Certification - Is it fit for purpose?

A fall arrest system must be fit for purpose, and comply with and be tested against the current standards. It must have been installed correctly and the structure it has been installed to must be able to absorb the force of a fall. You must have an system plan, a user manual, maintenance guide and rescue plan. This is why it is vital that the company who inspects and certifies safety equipment are experienced, trusted and professional.In many fall arrest systems the only thing between the user and the ground is a harness and a ropeline. All safety harnesses and rope lines must be inspected every 6 months. That may seem a lot. However, much can happen to a harness or rope in that time. A rope left exposed to the elements for as little as one week could result in it snapping if subjected to the force of a fall. A person falling a distance of 2m can create up to 1500kg of force. This is why we stress the importance of regular inspections.

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Queensland Designed & Made

No matter the reason for access or the location, we can custom design, manufacture and install the right solution for you. One of our Height Safety Specialists is able to provide you with the right advice and make you aware of the legislation you should know and the options that are available to you. For further information about how we can help you please contact us via our contact page or by calling (07) 3208 5833
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Proudly QLD Owned and Made

Safe@Heights is proud to manufacture all our access ladders, stairs and platforms right here in Brisbane. We use only Australian made aluminium from a local Brisbane mill, making all our aluminium fabricated products not only 100% Australian made but also 100% Queensland made.

Our dedicated team of fabricators are committed to producing only the highest quality products that all come with a ten year guarantee*.

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Custom Fabrication to Suit Your Site

In an industry that is dominated by a one size fits all mentality. Safe@Heights is the only company who can provide a truly custom made product for your building. We provide a compliance guarantee with all our installations. Which means when you have a Safe@Heights installation on your building you rest assured knowing that you have an access system that is compliant, high quality and above all safe.

please contact us via our contact page