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Proudly Keeping Queensland Safe
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Proudly Keeping Queensland Safe
Leaders in Fall Prevention and Safe Access Solutions in Queensland
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Proudly Keeping Queensland Safe
Leaders in Fall Prevention and Safe Access Solutions in Queensland
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The Leading Height Safety Company in Queensland

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Industry leading height
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We specialise in roof safety compliance auditing, height safety designs and installation of access and fall prevention height safety systems. We utilise our extensive knowledge of current height safety Legislation, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards to ensure that your workplace is safe, compliant and most importantly incident free. We pride ourselves on outstanding personal service, in depth knowledge of Legislation, industry leading design solutions and high attention to detail.

As a leader of the Height Safety industry, Safe At Heights Pty Ltd provides premium roof safety services across Brisbane and throughout South East Queensland. We are authorised installers of brands including HawkPro Safety, Sayfa Systems, 3M, Ferno and Miller fall Protection from Honeywell. We deliver our clients safe, reliable and fit for purpose height safety solutions. We also have a wide range of height safety equipment that is practical and cost-effective.

Total Height Safety services, across Brisbane, South East Queensland.

Our mission is to provide our clients with industry leading service and advice. To identify our clients’ unique height safety requirements and provide a tailored solution which is safe, easy to use and highly functional. To be at the cutting edge of the latest working at heights technology by partnering with industry leading manufacturers. To develop strong partnerships with our clients to ensure that their workplaces are compliant, safe and above all incident free. Call us today and speak to one of our experienced design specialists about how we can help you with your needs.
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The only heights safety company who’s installers are all trade qualified and highly experienced carpenters
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Precision Installations With Personal and Professional Service

We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as the leading Height Safety Specialist in Queensland. Providing exceptional solutions and advice for clients throughout Brisbane and across South East Queensland.

Our partnerships have allowed us to further develop our offering of height safety services, with strong relationships with some of Australia’s most preferred manufacturers. As a result, we ensure our clients receive only the highest standard of service and roof safety equipment. We specialise in six main areas of service:

  1. Cutting-edge advice and tailored system designed to suit individual client needs
  2. Installation of cost-effective, highly functional fall prevention and fall arrest systems.
  3. Systems and equipment certification and maintenance across Brisbane and South East Queensland.
  4. Supply of exceptional personal protection equipment for both height safety and general safety applications.
  5. Design and fabrication of custom made roof safety solutions.
  6. Auditing and Hazard identification.
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Your Local Queensland Safety Solution
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Brisbane's Height Safety Specialists

Today, roof safety has become one of the most talked about hazards. According to Work Safe Australia, in 2017 15% of workplace fatalities were caused by falling from heights. What makes this statistic more frightening is that almost all of these were completely preventable. 

In general height safety has not been given the attention it requires partly due to the “out of site out of mind” mentality combined with the “but we have always done it this way” attitude. For years we have struggled to have some industries take roof safety seriously. But in today’s workplace, height safety is finally being taken seriously and given the attention it deserves. 

Roof Safety

Many clients ask us what they must do to comply with their legal duty of care under the WH&S Act when it comes to fall arrest systems. They have read that the Act states that as the PCBU they must do all that is “reasonably practicable” to ensure the health and safety of their employees, contractors and others. That brings most people to ask the question, what then is considered to be reasonably practical? The WHS Act helps answer this question by providing official Codes of Practice in accordance with section 274 of the Act. One of these codes is the Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces Code of Practice. 


Height Safety Equipment Safe at Heights

In general, by following this Code for your industry you would be seen to have complied with your duties to provide what is required for roof safety. The Code of Practice is freely available from a number of websites however we recommend that you obtain your copy from Work Safe Australia.

But when it comes to roof safety, the easiest guide is to start with the question, how can I eliminate the risk of a fall. If you start with this question and work back from here you will always be complying with your legal obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act. 

Height Safety

For many years the standard roof safety design consisted of anchor points. As time moved on static lines were also used. Both of these fall arrest systems are considered the lowest level of control and should only be used as a last resort. There are other systems and methods available that will greatly increase the level of roof safety. As soon as you start to discuss this many building owners start to get worried about cost. Stating that they want anchor points because they can’t afford to install roof guard rail around their entire building or other types of expensive roof safety systems. But these are just two options.

So first we start with why are you needing workers on your roof? Often the answer can be as simple as to service air conditioning plant. Then we look at where that plant is located on the roof. We may find it is in the center of a large mostly flat roof with access from a roof access hatch. When looking at this we find that the entry point to the roof and the plant is all over 6 metres away from any edges. So in this case, what roof safety systems options are there? First option would be to provide guard railing around that area only.
So instead of putting guard railing around the entire roof edge, you just install it around the area you need to access. This can be quite cost effective and provide an excellent control against a fall. 

Another option might be to provide a designated roof walkway from the entry point to the plant area and only install roof guard rail along the side closest to the roof edge. The induction for height safety works would then include a section stating that at no times or under any circumstances can workers step off the designated roof walkway. Both these options show that there are ways to control a fall risk and provide a total height safety solution that is safe, compliant and cost effective.

Do I need to provide height safety training for workers who access my roof?

This is a great question and one that we get asked all the time. It is also a question that many people like to argue about. The simple answer is yes. Under the WHS Act section 19(3)f, it states that a PCBU must provide relevant information and training about plant at their workplace. This definitely includes roof safety systems which are considered high risk plant. Whenever you have workers, whether they are your employees, direct contractors or subcontractors, using your roof safety systems on your roof, you must provide them with information about how the height safety systems were designed to be used. 

At the end of the day, if there was an incident at your workplace and a worker was injured or killed, during the investigation the question would be asked what information and training did you provide to the worker to ensure they understood how to use your roof safety systems correctly? If you can’t provide evidence of this you are more than likely in danger of being prosecuted. To help with this we have put together a video induction package that can be tailored to suit your site which will provide industry leading non accredited training on how to work safely at heights. 

We are able to show you the different videos we have and discuss with you if they will suit your requirements. Often we find with some minor customisation we can design a video height safety induction package that suits your particular requirements perfectly. This can be delivered via email directly to workers or onsite using our new App. For more information on this or any of our total height safety services please contact us.