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Ladder Docks

A ladder dock entry point provides access to a roof using a portable extension ladder in a similar manner as a fixed angled ladder. By locking in the top rung of the extension ladder into the ladder dock bracket, you are able to climb directly up and through the top of the ladder. Eliminating the need to step around the ladder as with a standard ladder bracket configuration. This is a much safe option as it greatly reduces the risk of a fall.

We custom make each one of our ladder docks to perfectly fit your location. Please continue to read on below for further information or contact us to speak with one of our friendly height safety specialists. 



Comparing Ladder Brackets against a Ladder Dock

With a standard ladder bracket, due to the high risk of a fall when stepping off the ladder and onto the roof, an attachment strop is used to arrest a fall if it occurs. This means that you must have fall arrest harness, rescue equipment and a minimum of two height safety trained workers at all times. The ladder dock eliminates the requirement to have all of this, as it does not require the strop. The worker is able to maintain three points of contact while transitioning onto the roof and at no point needs to step around the ladder. Therefore a ladder dock is considered a lower risk entry point.

Another advantage with the ladder dock is that it can be used on a roof that is higher than is recommended for a ladder bracket. Must ladder bracket manufacturers will specify that the maximum building height must not exceed 4.5m. A ladder dock does not have this restriction and can be installed on a roof up to 5.5m high. It must still be pointed out that a ladder dock should only be used where it is not possible to use a fixed ladder.
Depending upon the building height and location, we can provide a custom made portable ladder for use with the ladder dock. For example, where the roof access point is at the top of a high building and you access through a plant room. It may not be possible to carry through an extension ladder. That is where a custom ladder which can be broken down into sections and left onsite is the perfect solution. Another area where a custom ladder may be required is if the building height is under 3.8m. If this is the case, a standard extension ladder cannot be used with a ladder dock as it must be extended at least one to two rungs to lock in place. In this case a custom ladder is necessary.

Ladder Dock Ascent

First ensure that the surface you are about to place your ladder is firm and level. After inspecting your ladder to ensure it is in good condition, extend the ladder until the top rung is level with the ladder dock bracket. Drop in the ladder rung and pull back until the ladder is at an angle of four to one. Ensure the ladder is securely locked in place and is safe to climb.

Remember the five safety rules for climbing a ladder:

  • Ensure you select the correct ladder, it is in good condition and is fit for purpose
  • Ensure your ladder is set up correctly and is secured in place at four to one
  • Ensure you are wearing appropriate non slip shoes
  • Never carry anything in your hands, and
  • Always maintain three points of contact

Once the ladder is secure, commence your climb while at all times maintaining your three points of contact. Once you reach the top of the ladder, if there is a connection strop installed, fix it in place.

Moving one hand at a time, transition your grip from the ladder to the ladder dock grab rails, whilst standing stationary with both feet on the same rung. Now continue climbing the ladder. Moving your hands as required to maintain your three points of contact. Now step safely onto the roof and take hold of the guard railing. Move in and away from the fall edge.

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Ladder Dock DEscent

Carefully move to the edge of the roof, ensuring that you have three points of contact. Once at the ladder, carefully turn and take hold of the ladder dock grab rails. Carefully stepping down onto the first rung, begin to descend the ladder. Ensure you momentarily stop to transition your hands from the grab rails to the ladder. Once safely onto the ladder, continue your descent.

For more information about our ladder docks please contact us via our contact page or by calling (07) 3208 5833

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