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Fold Down
Roof Access Ladders

We can supply, install and certify your fold-down ladder system custom made for your needs.

Safe@Heights are the leaders in the supply and installation of fold down ladder systems. Whether it is accessing an internal ceiling, mezzanine area or through a roof access hatch onto the roof, we have the perfect system. All our fold down access ladders are installed by our own qualified and experienced carpenters. Quality, service and professionalism are guaranteed.

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The only heights safety company who’s installers are all trade qualified and highly experienced carpenters
The only heights safety company who’s installers are all trade qualified and highly experienced carpenters
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Fold down ladders for easy ceiling and roof access

We have a range of fold down ladder solutions to allow for internal access into the ceiling space or through onto the roof for all types of buildings. We specialise in suspended ceiling installations, including roof access hatches. We can supply and install a combination ladder and access hatch system that will perfectly fit your needs. When having to access a roof, often security is the first consideration and preventing unauthorised access. Fixed ladders on the outside of a building can create opportunities for unwanted activities on your building. Having your access via an internal ladder eliminates this risk completely and our range of fold down ladders and hatch combinations provide the perfect solution. Contact us today to find our more about how we can help you. Contact Us 

Our design process

There are many factors which must be taken into consideration when designing an access system. Some of the considerations are:

  • The height from floor to ceiling
  • The height from ceiling to roof
  • The shape and pitch of the roof
  • The design of the ceiling
  • The structure of the ceiling and roof
  • The reason for access
  • The frequency of access
  • If the system needs to be fire rated
  • If the system needs to have an insulation rating
  • Our clients’ expectations and needs.

Once all of these factors have been addressed we can choose the most appropriate system combination for your needs.

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Fold Down Ladders and Fall Risks

With most fold down ladder and hatch installations there are some other height safety factors which you will need to take into consideration as part of the design. As an example, often we install a system into a suspended ceiling. Many suspended ceilings are not structural and therefore, once at the top of the ladder, there is a real risk of falling through the ceiling. 

This is especially important when the distance between the suspended ceiling and the roof is over 1.5m or if there are services within the roof cavity which need to be accessed. There are a number of ways which we can address the issue of access and fall protection for this problem. A platform with guard railing is one. If access to services is required, then a suspended walkway is also an option. If the fold down ladder is to provide access to the roof, then fall prevention once on the roof must be considered. What type and design will largely depend upon the type of roof, the reason you are on the roof and the frequency. Forms of protection include, roof guard railing, designated roof walkways, static lines systems and anchor points. All these factors must be addressed as part of the initial design. We can help you with this and ensure that you choose the most appropriate option. 

fold down ladder systems.
video induction and training package.

We have a video induction and training package available for our fold down ladder and roof access hatch combination that clearly shows how to use our system safely. The below instructions have been taken directly from our video. For more information on our great range of induction and training videos please contact us

Training and Induction Video Instructions

Accessing a roof via a VISTA fold down ladder and hatch is a simple and safe method. Open the VISTA by taking the entry pole, connecting it to the access panel eyelet and pulling directly down.

Take hold of the panel and lock out in the fully extended position. This will have the fold down ladder angled at approximately 75degrees. Fold out the ladder and extend all sections, ensuring that each bracket has locked out correctly. In particular, ensure that the ladder legs sit firmly onto the floor so that when you climb the fold down ladder your weight is evenly distributed to the ground. Check over the ladder and ensure that it is in good condition and free from damage. Inspect the compliance label. It should have been certified within the last 12 months. When climbing you must maintain three points of contact at all times. Do not carry anything in your hands. If you need to take tools or equipment onto the roof, put them in your pockets, on a tool belt or in a back pack. When climbing, you must face the fold down ladder at all times.  Take special care when transitioning from the VISTA to the fixed ceiling ladder.Once you reach the hatch, open the locks with one hand so not to break your three points of contact. Open the roof access hatch and push directly up and back. The hatch struts will assist you to open the hatch and keep it in place.  Transition your hands, one at a time to the grab rails and continue to climb and exit the ladder. Immediately move away from the hatch opening and safely onto the roof.

Roof Access Hatch and Hatches Safe At Heights Brisbane Queensland
Roof Access Hatch and Hatches Safe At Heights Brisbane Queensland

Remember when working at heights you must always follow the site procedure manual and keep yourself safe at all times.

When descending the ladder and closing the hatch, ensure that you do not over reach and lose your balance. Always maintain your three points of contact. The hatch struts will control the lids closing. Close each of the locks and secure the hatch. Complete your descent and fold up the ladder. Remember to close each section of the ladder starting from the floor. Complete an inspection of the ladder as you do this to ensure that it will be safe to use next time. As you close the last section of the ladder take care not to crush your fingers. 

Using the access pole, attach to the eyelet. Push up the access panel and control its return. Now safely store the pole.

For more information on our great range of fold down ladders please contact us any time.

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Queensland Designed & Made

No matter the reason for access or the location, we can custom design, manufacture and install the right solution for you. One of our Height Safety Specialists is able to provide you with the right advice and make you aware of the legislation you should know and the options that are available to you.

For further information about how we can help you please contact us via our contact page or by calling (07) 3208 5833