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Quality Assurance Certification Safe At Heights Queensland

CM3 Quality Assurance Certification for Safe @ Heights Pty Ltd

CM3 Quality Assurance Certification for Safe@Heights Pty Ltd

It is vitally important that you ensure the company who conducts work on your behalf, whether that be as a direct contractor or third party contractor is properly licensed and carry the necessary insurances to protect your business.

This can be a very time consuming exercise. Today there are a number of different compliance companies who will conduct these checks for you on your behalf. One of these companies is called CM3. Many of the larger national and international companies in Australia require their contractors and subcontractors to be CM3 certified. The CM3 process is very comprehensive and covers areas such as;

  • Correct licensing
  • Ensure that the licence remains valid
  • Ensuring that the correct insurances are held and remain valid
  • Ensuring that the company has the proper policies and procedures
  • Ensuring that the company has a comprehensive Safety Management Plan and in depth SWMS

Safe @ Heights Pty Ltd is a CM3 certified company. If you would like to learn more about the CM3 process you can visit https://www.cm3.com.au/ or contact one of our helpful staff on (07) 3208 5833.

Height safety is considered a high risk activity. However when conducted properly using the correct type of system, equipment and work method it can be very safe. Safe @ Heights Pty Ltd ensure that all our height safety system designs are compliant and above all safe. We also provide detailed User Manuals with our systems to assist our clients to ensure that they understand how to use the system safely. Also what their responsibilities are in regards to training and documentation when they use the system or allow others to use the system. Click here for more information on compliance and documentation