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SAYFA 3Sixty Roof Anchor Point

SAYFA Systems have just released an updated information brochure on their 3SIXTY permanent roof anchor point. SAYFA is one of the leading height safety manufacturers in Australia.

Late last year a new Standard for the manufacturing and testing of anchor point systems AS 5532:2013 was released. SAYFA SYSTEMS were one of the first manufacturers to review all their height safety products and conduct testing under the new Standard.

The new Standard requires all manufacturers to test each roof anchor device both statically and dynamically “in situ” and in multiple directions. This ensures that when installed correctly the anchor point’s performance has already been tested and verified under real life conditions.

With so many different roof types this was an important step forward for the height safety industry to ensure compliance and safety.

The SAYFA 3Sixty roof anchor point is one of the most versatile anchors on the market today. It is rated for single person fall arrest 15kN. Its unique design and low profile allows it to be used in almost any location. Click here to see our complete range of Roof Anchor Points.

The system comprises of a stainless steel flat base which is attached to the roof surface via 8 x 8mm Bulbtite structural rivets and 2 x 14G tekscrews. The tekscrews provide positive attachment back into the roof structure while the 8 rivets securely attach the system to the roof sheeting. The rivets have a very high pull out and sheer strength. In accordance with AS1891.4 the system is designed to be used in sheer. This means that if deployed due to a fall the angle of the rope and therefore force is no greater than 20degrees to the base of the anchor. By having the anchor in sheer the force is distributed more evenly back through the anchor, the roof sheeting and the structure. It is vital that the 3Sixty be installed correctly and in a compliant design for it to operate correctly.

Mounted on the raised centre dome is an energy absorbing eyelet which can swivel 360 degrees. This swivel allows the system to freely turn and “follow” the user as they move around the roof. This ensures that the energy absorber is always facing the right direction in the event of a fall. The energy absorber is designed to deform under pressure and lessen the force back to the structure.

Note: The system must always be used with a personal shock absorber which is worn by the user. It must be attached between the harness and ropeline/lanyard. This protects the user from forces above 6kN.

When part of a properly thought out and designed system the 3Sixty anchor provides continuous connection while working at heights.

It can also be included as part of other systems. For example it can be used as a diversion anchor as part of a horizontal cable or rail system. This makes it a very versatile and cost effective system.

The 3Sixty anchor can be designed to be used in four main ways;

  • As a single attachment point
  • As a diversion anchor
  • As part of a continuous attachment system via one rope
  • As part of a continuous attachment system using the “leap frog” method

In locations where there is only one area which presents a fall risk and it is not practicable to install hand railing or a higher level of control, a single anchor point in the right location may be all that is required. This can be a very cost effective solution if designed correctly.
A diversion anchor can be used to gain safe access closer to a roof edge while being attached to a primary anchor/cable/rail system which is located further back into the roof. A diversion anchor limits your range of access when closer to a fall zone. This lessens the risk of a fall and can also limit the fall distance.

This can be a great way to protect workers when travelling a short distance on a steep roof to a particular point. By having anchor points close to each other with a set length of rope the user can safely walk and then connect to each point without the need to continuously retrace their steps such as the leap frog method.

The leap frog method of attachment is used to move across a number of anchors where the distance is too great to have a single length of rope. This system is slow to use when compared to a static line or rail system. However it can be very cost effective if the area in question is only accessed on an infrequent basis.

For more information on the SAYFA 3Sixty roof anchor point please contact us any time on (07) 3208 5833.

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