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Safe@heights is a proud HAWKPRO Safety Member - Learn more about How the Hawkpro Safety App can help you!

Working at heights and using a height safety system is considered high risk. As the owner or person in control of a height safety system, you have a legal duty to provide a sufficient amount of information to anyone who is about to use your height safety system so they can do so safely. As a minimum this must include:

  • Roof safety system plans
  • System specification data sheets
  • Manufacturer User Manuals
  • Installation documentation
  • The latest system Inspection and Certification documents
  • Instructions on how to use the systems safely

In the event of an incident, if you have not provided this information, you may be considered liable and exposed to potential prosecution. Not to mention being sued by the injured worker or their family.

But how do you efficiently provide this amount of information at the work site prior to use? Especially if you are not onsite? 

Introducing HawkPro. A state of the art Height Safety Management and Induction App that allows you to manage your height safety systems even when you are not on site. All from the palm of your hand. 

HawkPro is able to provide all this information at the actual work site prior to any systems being used.

At the entrance of the roof a sign clearly states that before using the system workers must undertake the induction by downloading the HawkPro app and scanning the QR code. Registration is via their mobile phone number and takes less than 30 seconds.

The advanced app then leads them through a customised video induction followed by access to all relevant system documentation that you must provide to them. All this is tracked and recorded so you have proof that you have complied with your legal duty to provide this information.

The app also provides a detailed Inspection report complete with individual photos of each item. This report is also made available via the app to any worker who is about to access your system.

The App also provides a fully traceable data base of all the systems that are on your roof. Meaning if there is a product recall you can instantly know whether you system is affected. This is vital for keeping your workplace safe. 

If you own or are in control of a height safety system, HawkPro is the ultimate safety management tool you have been searching for.

It is height safety made easy.

For more information about HawkPro and how it can help you, please contact us at any time.